"Youth Path" Program

Bharatiya Lok Sena: -The "Youth Path" program was organized by Mr. Ashtosh Ji Maharaj under the auspices of the Yuva Parivar Seva Samiti, in Maa Bhagwati Palace Shyamnagar Kanpur, which invited Mr. Somesh Singh Ji (National President, Bharatiya Lok Sena (Party)) as Chief Guest.

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Negotiation on public issues

Bharatiya Lok Sena: The National President of Bharatiya Lok Sena, along with the common citizens, shared his misery and shared the problem with the people on the basis of development, leaving the basis of caste creed and choosing the good public servants in the forthcoming elections.

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Talk to moms and sisters

Bharatiya Lok Sena:By the mothers and sisters gathered from the state for nation building The President of Bharatiya Lok Sena (Party) requested his children to rise above the caste, creed, regionalism and request the education of nation's religion.

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